YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce 1.0.14

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YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce 1.0.14

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce is a POS for physical sales, you have two options. The most common and expensive solution is to purchase a dedicated POS terminal (prices range from € 250 to € 1000) and pay a subscription fee to buy specific POS software of around € 40-50 per month. That’s why you spend an average of € 500 a year on a single POS terminal. And if you need more registrations, it costs two, three, five, etc. You will have to multiply by.

Instead, the solution we offer allows you to use free software WooCommerce to turn your computer or tablet into a cheap and easy-to-use flexible cash register, thanks to the integration of our POS plug-in.

No matter what business you have: a supermarket, a bar, a clothing store, a beauty salon – with multiple registrations, you will be able to fully manage your point of sale. Set up ATMs, create products, synchronize orders, add brands, discounts and coupon codes, personalize receipts, control the income of each listing, payment methods used and much more.

YITH Point of Sale works natively with WooCommerce and connects to your store via the WooCommerce REST API. All orders placed from the POS record in the interface, product stock, customer data, etc. Like any other information regarding your WooCommerce installation, it will be automatically synchronized with the database.

The plugin allows you to create endless stores (if you need to manage chain stores or franchises) and endless registrations (as in a supermarket with more departments and private registries). You can configure multiple ATMs for each enrollment, customize receipts, configure categories and products, enable specific payment methods, and more.

Thanks to the integration with the WooCommerce management panel, you can have a dashboard that allows you to analyze the sales trend and the income of each Point of Sale and filter this information by store, cash register and date. You can also get general information about the most sold ATMs and the payment methods used.

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce Features:


  • Create a store in few steps with a wizard setup
  • For each store you can:
  • add billing information (store name and VAT), address, contact information, and social networks
  • enable / disable store
  • add and enable/disable specific POS records
  • Check the status of logs (closed/open) and ATMs currently connected
  • customize a variety of receipt templates
  • Product level inventory management for each store
  • choose one or more store managers and cashiers
  • Create new user accounts during store setup


  • Create as many POS records as you want
  • Enable/disable specific payment methods for each registration
  • show all products or only selected products or categories for each listing
  • show all products together or by category
  • enable product barcode scanning
  • assign specific ATMs
  • enable printed receipts
  • choose one of the special receipt templates
  • enable log closing report


  • Mobile ready: save the POS page on your mobile device and open it like any other mobile app
  • Record screen:
  • Customize the home page
  • Upload a store logo that will appear on the login page and registration screen
  • Preset discount keys
  • Customize the recording screen colors
  • View and filter products (all, on sale, featured)
  • Search products by title, SKU, and barcode
  • Activate the barcode scanner – simply scan the barcode to add the item to the basket
  • Add a new product from the registration screen (if added by the administrator, it can also be registered for subsequent sessions)
  • Associate the current order with an existing user or register a new user account during the registration session
  • Edit customer billing and shipping information before completing the payment
  • Freeze and save the baskets and add notes on them. You can revert them later and let the customer complete the purchase.
  • Transactions in the basket:
  • Empty existing basket
  • Edit the price of each item in the basket
  • Add/edit notes to cart or each item in the cart
  • Apply discounts or prices
  • Apply coupon codes
  • Add shipping costs
  • Split payment: Allows customers to use multiple payment methods for the same order.
  • Easy and intuitive payment screen with a total due date, total payment, balance, change, and smartly calculated amounts
  • Full-screen option
  • Enable/disable product sound

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How to Free Download:

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