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XeroVidd 1.1 NULLED – Complete YouTube Marketing Application

Download XeroVidd NULLED Latest Version



XeroVidd 1.1 NULLED – Complete YouTube Marketing Application (SaaS Platform)

Download XeroVidd NULLED 1.1 – We, the Xerone IT team, the developer of XeroChat, are excited to introduce you to new marketing software for the YouTube platform called XeroVidd. XeroVidd is the latest white label SaaS platform with comprehensive YouTube marketing solutions to grow your business.

It offers many powerful tools like automatic comment reply, such as in videos, automatic comments in videos, automatic subscription channels, video search, channel search, playlist search, video upload, video editing, playlist manager playback, channel analysis, video analysis, video link wheel, video range tracking, and many other tools. If you have a YouTube channel, XeroVidd is a must-have marketing tool for managing your channel marketing products.

XeroVidd offers two types of licenses: regular license and extended license.
The extended license will allow this same software to be sold as a service to its end users since XeroVidd is a natural multi-user SaaS. PayPal and Stripe are integrated so you can receive payment from your end users. If you want to use SaaS features and charge your end users for using the service, you must purchase an extended license.

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All-in-one YouTube solution
  • Comment Reply Channel Videos
  • I like / comment YouTube videos
  • Channel subscription
  • Video link wheel (YouTube Backlink)
  • YouTube ranking tracking
  • Channel and video analysis
  • YouTube search engine
  • Playlist & Video Manager
Comment Reply Channel Videos
  • Keyword-based response
  • Generic answer
  • Delete offensive comment
  • Answer the same comment several times
  • Complete reports
  • Comment reply template
I like / comment YouTube videos
  • I like / comment videos searching by keywords
  • I like / comment on videos looking for channels
  • Daily maximum activity settings
  • Campaign expiration settings
  • Complete reports
  • Like / comment template
Channel subscription
  • Subscribe to the channel searching by keywords and publication date
  • Daily maximum activity settings
  • Campaign expiration settings
  • Complete reports
  • Unsubscribe from subscribed channels
Video link wheel (YouTube Backlink)
  • Open and closed wheel drive
  • Multiple money videos
  • Complete reports
YouTube ranking tracking
  • Keyword-based YouTube ranking
  • Track your videos or those of others
  • Daily range report
Channel and video analysis
  • Views, comments and actions
  • Estimated minutes viewed
  • Average duration of sight
  • Subscriber vs unsubscribe
  • I like vs I don’t like
  • Video added vs removed
  • Device type report
  • Operating system report
  • Annotation prints
  • The annotation clicks and closes the prints.
  • Annotation clicks and closes
  • Hearing retention
YouTube search engine
  • Video finder
    Playlist search engine
    Channel finder
    Keyword search engine
Video and Playlist Manager
  • List of videos and playlists of the channel
  • Edit video details
  • Add new playlist
  • Add your own video to playlist or add by video search
  • Delete video from playlist
  • Delete playlist
Additional Extended License Features
  • PayPal and Stripe integrated
  • Manual / bank payment method
  • Support desktop system
Other features
  • Multilingual support (12 built-in languages)
  • Flashy ad-ready landing page
  • Automatic update
  • Additional support
  • Impressive board.
  • Multi-user and SaaS application.
  • Social login (Google Facebook)
  • Complete user management system
  • User Login Registration Report
  • Master password to log in to the user account
  • Native Email Configuration for PHP, SMTP SSL, and Non-SSL SMTP
  • Member Announcement


How to free download:

Note: You can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “XeroVidd NULLED”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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