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XeroBizz 1.1 NULLED – Complete Google My Business Management Software

Download XeroBizz NULLED Latest Version


XeroBizz 1.1 NULLED – Complete Google My Business Management Software (SaaS Platform)

Download XeroBizz NULLED 1.1 – XeroBizz, the most powerful web application, can promote your business according to Google. It simplifies Google’s Google My Business service in a very simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use interface so that business owners can promote their businesses in different places / locations from one simple platform.

If you already have a business or are going to launch a new business, you must need this to reach your customers using its unique features such as multi-location business, auto review response, location and post information, manual review response, question and respond by campaigning call-to-action posting, event posting and deals etc. By checking perceptions of locations and posts, you can instantly see the growth of your business.

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XeroBizz is a must-have set of tools for your business today. it offers two types of licenses: regular license and extended license. You will get the this source files and have to install it on your server.

The extended license will allow this same software to be sold as a service to its end users, since it is a natural multi-user SaaS. PayPal and Stripe are integrated so you can receive payment from your end users. If you want to use SaaS features and charge your end users for using the service, you must purchase an extended license.


Business in multiple locations
  • You can keep your business in multiple locations
  • You can keep the information of several companies
  • You can switch between companies with a single click
Automatic review response
  • Provides a way to respond to a review automatically
  • Personalized star-based automatic responses to reviews
  • Automatic responses to reviews are editable
  • Unlimited automatic keyword-based responses
  • Generic responses to reviews.
  • Default review response for no keyword match
  • Star based review report is available
Location and publication information

You can see the growth and status of business.

  • Each location and publication have information
  • Each location provides information for multiple metrics
  • Each publication provides information for different locations
Manual review response
  • You can manually reply to a review from an interface
  • You can manually update a response for any location.
  • Multiple administrators can respond to a review
Question and answer
  • You don’t need other platforms to answer a customer’s questions
  • You can interact with your customers through questions and answers.
  • You can write answers to any question from a single interface
  • Multiple administrators can answer questions
Campaign publications
  • A single interface to create posts
  • You can create various types of posts
  • You can schedule posts to post later
  • You can write a single post in different locations
  • All posts will automatically be published to Google.
Call to Action Publishing Campaign
  • You can write various types of CTA posts
  • You can have your customers call you on the phone
  • You can take your customers to your products from the Google search page
  • You can make your customers buy your products from Google search
Campaign offer posts
  • You can create a coupon code for a specific product or for all
  • You can take your customers to your products from the Google search page
Campaign event posts
  • You can write a post that can represent an event


How to free download:

Note: You can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “XeroBizz NULLED”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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