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XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.6

Download XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.6


XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.6

XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.6 – It is a compliment that allows you and your users to create galleries of images, videos, and audio in your forum, organized in categories defined by the administrator or albums created by the user.

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Media will be placed in individual categories that are organized in a tree. In this sense, they are very similar to the node tree.

Media categories

A category can be one of three types:

  1. Container only: these categories will not contain media or albums, but will serve to organize subcategories.
  2. Only albums: in these categories, users will create albums that can contain one or more multimedia elements. When the category is viewed, there will be an entry for each album.
  3. Multimedia items only: media will be added directly to these categories and will not be organized into albums. Each multimedia item will be displayed directly when viewing the category.
    If your users are likely to upload multiple related images (as of a single event), you probably want to use album categories.

Media fields

Custom media fields allow you to define additional structured fields for users to complete when creating a thread. These are similar to custom thread fields.

Media fields can be displayed in one of several locations:

  1. Under the multimedia element: it will be shown in the box below the media, with the title and information of the author.
  2. Bottom of the media information block: in the sidebar opposite the comments, in the media information block.
  3. Additional information block: in the sidebar opposite to the comments, in a new additional information block.
  4. New sidebar block: in its own sidebar block, using the name of the custom field as a header.


XenForo Media Gallery 2.0.5 – XF 2.0.x

XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.6 – XF 2.1.x

Russian language for Media Gallery – XF 2.0.x

Russian language for Media Gallery – XF 2.1.x

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