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XenForo Importers 1.3.0 – Xenforo Module

Download XenForo Importers 1.3.0


XenForo Importers 1.3.0 – Xenforo Module

XenForo Importers 1.3.0 – Today, we have launched a maintenance version for the complement of our importers. This version is mainly aimed at error correction:

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  • Some of the changes include:
    vBulletin: only rewrite the quotes where a publication ID is specified in the BB code of the quote.
  • vBulletin: Redeploy the blog moderators step and disable the blog user’s step.
  • vBulletin: avoid errors when importing emoticons if there are no emoticons to import.
  • vBulletin: process friend / ignored lists correctly.
  • vBulletin: double-encoded strings (usernames, titles, etc.) now do not have double encoding
  • General: Importers are now expected to decide for themselves if each field must have decoded HTML entities or not.


XenForo Importers 1.0.1 – XF 2.0.x 

XenForo Importers 1.3.0 – XF 2.1.x 

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