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Writer 4.0.7 – Best blogging app ever


Writer 4.0.7 – Best blogging app ever

Writer 4.0.7 The mobile application solution that uses a Kotlin and Java framework created by Google is the development of open source mobile applications. It is used to develop Android applications, you can create small things without sweating.

Application features:

  • Beautiful user interface design
  • Light and dark mode
  • Easy login with google
  • Public Publication
  • Multiple category
  • Integrated YouTube player API
  • Real-time views, likes, and comment count
  • Native, banner and interstitial ad integrated
  • Deeply monitor your application with Firebase analytics
  • Entities and models are ready to use.
  • Kotlin code and clean and organized Java language.
  • Easy to redesign and theme.
  • It works well in bright and dark mode.
  • Impressive animations are ready to use.
  • Works great on Android since Android version 5.0 – 10
  • Application Settings

Management application features:

  • Beautiful user interface design
  • Light and dark mode
  • Approve and block user
  • Add up to 13 categories
  • Edit public posts
  • Approve shipping requests
  • Enable or disable public publishing
  • Enable or disable approval request
  • Enable or disable public comments
  • Edit custom image compression size
  • Enable or disable native, banner and interstitial ads
  • Change ad ID
  • Change ad showing frequency


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