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WP Staging Pro 2.9.9 Nulled – Create Staging Sites for WordPress Websites

Download WP Staging Pro 2.9.9


WP Staging Pro 2.9.9 Nulled – Create Staging Sites for WordPress Websites

WP Staging Pro 2.9.9 Create trial sites for WordPress websites. WP Staging allows you to work safely on your website: copy DB and files from the staging to the live site; Exclude specific DB tables and folders; Very fast cloning process; Authentication of user roles; Even huge websites are compatible; Very simple to use.


  • Can I push and migrate a trial site created with the free version of WP Staging?
    Yes, just install WP Staging Pro. The free version will be automatically deactivated. Then, you can push the existing test site to the active site.
  • Do I need technical skills to use it?
    No special skills are needed to create a preparation site. Simply click on a button and the process will begin.
  • Can customers make changes and can the agency or developer drive it?
    That is absolutely possible. Your client can modify add-ons or publications and you, as an administrator, can decide to exceed the content by clicking a button.
  • Does Google index the test site? Any problem with Seo?
    By default, the preparation site is not available to the public and needs authentication before it can be accessed. Therefore, there are no possible SEO problems here.
  • Can we use backup add-ons at the preparation site?
    Yes, you can make a backup copy of the complete preparation site, including all your database tables.
  • Does the plugin work on blogs hosted on
    No, WP STAGING only works on self-hosted websites.
  • Can I upgrade from a 1 site license to a higher one?
    Of course, you can update at any time and pay only the amount of difference between the smallest and the highest license.
  • Where is the test site?
    The test site is placed in a subfolder of its main site. Therefore, it remains on your server and your data will not be transferred to third parties. All tables in the database begin with the prefix wpstg (int) _ and are stored in the main database. This ensures that the live WordPress site never interferes with the preparation site.
  • GDPR and privacy: are data sent to third parties like other servers in the cloud or git?
    WP Staging does not use any external servers and does not send any data to third parties. Full cloning, migration, and data processing are done only on your servers and we do not have access to any of that data.

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