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WP-Recall 16.19.2 + Addons – WordPress Personal Account Plugin

Download WP-Recall latest version free


WP-Recall 16.19.2 + Addons – WordPress Personal Account Plugin

WP-Recall 16.19.2 The plugin forms a flexible and functional personal user account, allows users of your site to easily communicate, personalize their profile, create interest groups, interact in the forum, pay for orders in their online store and much more.

Plugin list:

  • Wp-Recall
    The main complement
  • Wp-Pro-Quiz
    A test plugin that works with wp-remember
  • Achievements Letter Rcl Avatar
    User avatars in the form of the first letter of the name
  • RCL WP Social Login
    User authorization through social networks
  • Yworld RSY and AMP
    Placing YAN Ads on AMP Pages
  • Yworld Micro-Marked Outline Item
    for your articles plus the WP-Recal star rating in JSON-LD
  • format Yworld Share Share Buttons
    buttons on social media with the ability to track statistics
  • Yworld Stop Blocker
    Instead of blocked ads, you will be asked to whitelist the site.
  • Yworld Test Optimizer
    It will show the existing problems in the code of the pages of your site and the degree of optimization
  • [DEMO] Achievement system
    Free DEMO version of the “Achievement System” plugin
  • Achievement Wp-Pro-Quiz
    This extension will add a new achievement Wp-Pro-Quiz for the Achievement System
  • Games to qualify
    Added to your personal account rating game
  • Set up notifications
    Allows the user to configure the notifications they want to receive.
  • Unread forum topics
    Add the functionality of unread topics to the PrimeForum forum
  • New year achievement
    New Year Achievement for Achievements System Plugin
  • Country and city in profile
    Adds the ability to specify the country and city of residence in the user’s profile.
  • Minesweeper Minesweeper
    game with a log table
  • Template to remember light
    Template for a staff
  • features a minimalist design Unitpay Gateway
    Adds ability to connect site to Unitpay payment aggregator (FZ-54)
  • Universal activity
    Write and display user activity. This is a basic plugin (core)
  • User filter
    create a search filter to organize user search by custom fields
  • IMG variation
    Allows you to select images for product variations.
  • Verified User
    Show an icon next to the name that this is a verified profile
  • VIDEOS Gallery
    custom video gallery for Wp-Recall
  • WalletOne Gateway
    provides connection of WP-Recall plugin to WalletOne payment aggregator (ФЗ-54)
  • WAU access tabs
    Temporary access to specified personal account tabs based on access from WP Access Ultimate
  • Webmoney gateway
    provides direct interaction of the Wp-Recall plugin with Webmoney
  • Payment system Woman Man
    In your personal account makes it possible to select the gender of the user
  • Woocommerce for WP-Recall,
    WooCommerce account withdrawal and orders in WP-Recall personal account tab
  • WP-PostViews to WP-Recall
    Integration of the WP-Recall plugin with the “WP-PostViews” plugin.
  • WP-Recall Handbook
    WP-Recall plugin reference. Data, videos, links to guides to start the development of the plugin
  • WP-Recall Spoiler
    Spoiler for the publication form and Prime Forum
  • YandexKassa API Gateway
    connect your site with payment aggregator Yandex.Checkout using the new protocol (ФЗ-54)
  • YandexKassa Gateway
    provides connection of your site to the payment aggregator Yandex.Kassa using the previous protocol (ФЗ- 54)
  • The Yworld author publishes the
    The plugin shows the latest publications of the same author in the article
  • Yworld Pro The Author Publications
    The plugin shows the latest posts by the same author and similar posts in the article.
  • Yworld GDPR cookie
    Add support for the GDPR law on the use of cookies on the site.
  • Yworld Yandex Goals
    Add support for Yandex.Metrica targets to get stats.
  • Yworld New Recallbar The
    The plugin simplifies the customization of the Recallbar design, adds the functionality of
  • Yworld PF Buttons
    The plugin will add two buttons to the forum editor to hide the messages by condition.
  • Yworld PF coffee mug
    Add-on to PrimeForum, give the message author money for a cup of coffee.
  • Yworld PF Ticker
    Yworld PF Ticker – Adds a scroll line of the latest site posts to the PF forum
  • Yworld PF Theme Ranking
    Yworld PF Topic Ratind – Add a star rating to your PrimeFrum forum
  • Yworld Post Ads
    Advertising system for your site, with the ability to enable
  • Yworld RCL Hide anti-blocker content
    Visually hide page content with a timer from site visitors and users
  • Yworld RCL Maintenance
    Yworld RCL Maintenance – Site Closure for Maintenance and Upgrade



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