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WP Project Manager Pro 2.4.3 – Project and Team Management for WordPress

Download WP Project Manager Pro 2.4.3


WP Project Manager Pro 2.4.3 – Project and Team Management for WordPress

WP Project Manager Pro Free Download is a powerful WordPress plugin to manage collaboration and deliver projects on time. Powerful toolbar: take a panoramic view of all your projects, as well as related team members. Create new projects, add and edit team members, select user roles and filter projects by category and status. Project and task management: Get full control over your team’s performance without subscribing to the services of a third-party site with various restrictions. Create projects, unlimited tasks and involve as many people in the projects as you want.

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Interactive calendar: check the daily, weekly or monthly progress of your projects on the calendar. You can change tasks simply by dragging and dropping to change deadlines. Customization of user roles: You can define user roles for each team member associated with the project. Each project has user access permissions. Therefore, you can manage those who see and work on projects. Built-in private messenger: ask a question from the task page for clarification. Do you want to discuss something in private? Just check and tick the box, no one will be notified except the designated person. Do you want to notify all users by mail? Just check the box next to them. Equipment control functions: configure the permission levels for each project and roles so that the project works as expected. Easier to include external collaborators. Confidentiality in everything: you can also configure not only messages but also exclusive confidentiality for tasks, task lists, and stages.

Key features

To-do list

Add as many to-do lists as you like with title and description
Add tasks, assign users, assign a due date
See progress bar in the list
Add comments in to-do lists and individual tasks
Mark pending tasks as complete / incomplete


There are 3 types of milestones, a) next, b) complete and c) late milestones
Assign milestone messages and to-do list


Messages are used to discuss the project with coworkers on that project.
You can add attachments in messages
Comments can be made for discussion


File sharing function to ensure better understanding and workflow between coworkers.
Upload all files in messages and comments and navigate to attached individual threads.
Upload and share any file at any time in one place (Pro).


Email notification to keep users updated on their assigned, upcoming, or outdated tasks.
Control who will receive which settings notification (Pro).

Pro Features

Kanban Board for WordPress

Create unlimited custom boards according to your needs
Drag and drop tasks from one board to another at any time
Create a new task from any dashboard whenever you want
Get an exact idea of ​​the current stages of all tasks from one place

Gantt Chart for WordPress

View task duration through horizontal bar graphs.
Change the start and end dates of tasks or projects.
Evaluate dependencies between different tasks and subtasks

Time tracker

Timer with start, stop or pause function for each task.
Calculation and monitoring of the time dedicated to a task.
Paying hourly workers is easy.

Invoice receivable from customers

Invoices will be automatically formatted based on your input
Upon completion of payment, the amount will be added to your account and the invoice will automatically be marked as paid
Invoices can be downloaded as pdf

BuddyPress for WordPress

Create different tasks for different teams
Establish administrative staff with access to all departments.
Set different permissions for different employee roles.
Manage everything from the front of your site

Subtask for a simpler task management system

Divide your long tasks into as many portions as you need.
Assign multiple workers for various tasks.

WooCommerce integration

You can create a project automatically after the order or payment has been processed.
Control which product will create what type of project and task.
Add and manage user roles like coworkers, managers, and clients to Projects and Tasks.

Loose integration

Integrate your WP Project Manager Pro with the best communication tool in the workspace – Slack
Receive instant notifications on your Slack channels when a new task, subtask, comment is created or an existing one is modified. And also when completing a task or adding a new coworker.

Manage projects from frontend

Let your users see your projects from the interface
Manage projects without having to go to the back-end interface


How to free download:

Note:  you can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble to download “WP Project Manager Pro”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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