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WP Import Export 1.7.0 – Import / Export WordPress Data

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WP Import Export 1.7.0 – Import / Export WordPress Data

WP Import Export 1.7.0  gives you the ability to export your site data in multiple file formats and you can import those files into any of your sites. All types of publications, pages, types of personalized publications, taxonomies, comments, and users are imported/exported with just one click. An excellent way to manage WordPress site data between multiple sites.

You can also download: Woo Import Export WordPress Plugin


  • Pause, resume and stop the import and export process
  • Import and export fund
  • Import and scheduled export
  • Powerful filter available for import and export
  • Drag and drop field mapping
  • More than 17 add-ons for multiple add-ons
  • Multiple format support for import and export
  • Import record

Pause, resume and stop

Import and export can be Pause, Resume and Stop.
The plugin supports Pause and Resume with import and export in the background.
you can stop any import and export process at any time

Import and export fund
Background import and export processing.
Background import and export can be paused, resumed, and stopped.
Multiple import and export can be processed at the same time.
simple import and export can be converted to import and export in the background

Powerful filters
You can filter any data when exporting, such as post id is greater than 50.
to import, filter available to filter the data of your uploaded file

Field management
To export, you can rearrange and edit fields with just one click.
For import, the drag and drop field mapping function is available.

Multiple file format
Support of multiple file formats to import and export both
supports zip files
supports CSV, Xls, xlsx, JSON, text, ods and XML format

Schedule import and export
automatic scheduling import-export
schedule import and export management
support with automatic background import-export

Import process log
full process log available
Step by step import every available record

More than 17 accessories
Greater plugin compatibility
Schedule import and export
and much more


How to free download:

Note:  you can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble to download “WP Import Export”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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