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WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.46.12 NULLED – WordPress Plugin

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.46.12


WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.46.12 NULLED – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.46.12 – WordPress Automatic Plugin publishes from almost any website in WordPress automatically. You can import from popular sites like YouTube and Twitter using their APIs or from any website of your choice using their scraping modules. The plugin can check the specified feeds regularly and publish each new feed item as a new publication. Automatic WordPress can convert truncated feeds into full content posts with a large success rate. WordPress automatic can extract two specified parts of the original publication using CSS id/class, XPath or REGEX and concatenate them to publish them in your WordPress. The plugin can search extracted content for any text/area and replace it with the specified text.

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WordPress automatic can configure the publication created in WordPress at the same time that the publication was created in the feed. The plugin can establish the categories of publications created in the same categories for the original publications. WordPress automatic can extract tags from the original post using CSS id/class and set them as tags in the created post. WordPress automatic can extract the name of the author of the original publication and assign it in the publication created as an author if it exists or will create it if it does not exist. WordPress automatic has the option to set the status of the publication as pending if you suspect it is not written in English.



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