WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards 2.0.13 Nulled


WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards 2.0.13 Nulled

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards 2.0.13 is an innovative customer loyalty rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases customer retention and increases your conversion rates.

This rewards plugin for WooCommerce allows you to retain your customers by rewarding them with points. With WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you can efficiently implement a reward system in your e-commerce store.

Loyalty points received by customers can be used for sales coupons, discounts on purchases, or other loyalty rewards. Not only that, points can also be used to get loyalty membership and be part of the community of loyal brand members.


Key Features of WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards
This is a fully featured installed plugin. The key features of the WoCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin are:

Buy items through points
In this role, the user can use their points to purchase products. It will also show the notification about how many points are required to purchase products.

Coupon generation
Sellers can now send notifications to users after specifying the number of days before the notification expiration date. In addition, the seller can customize the entire message in the email template. The user can create the coupon by converting their total points into coupons and use the coupons as WooCommerce coupons.

Points per dollar spent
The user can earn points for every dollar spent, and the trader can set points per dollar spent.

Purchase function referral point
When a new user registers via a referral link, after the purchase of products by a registered user on each order, the user who sent the referral link will receive referral purchase points.

Membership feature
End of Managers: Manager, Premium, Silver, Gold etc. As such, it will create different membership levels. Some loyalty points will be assigned to each level. Each level has some categories and products from the categories selected above (if no product is selected, all products in the selected categories are assigned that level), some discount (in%).
Interface: When customers have enough points to reach any level, only that level will be shown with a selection box and other levels will be listed in the table. When the customer becomes a member, he will receive some offers in the selected categories and products.

Points expiry
Sellers can now adjust the expiration time by setting a time threshold to count the expiration date using WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards.

Notification of expiry of points
With WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards, the admin can now notify their customers to publish expiry time settings for points earned by email via email.

Variable product support
Sellers can now assign product points to each product variant using WooCommerce Points and Rewards.

Purchase items using points
Customers can now redeem points to purchase items by partial payment by quantity and partial points.

Share the reward points feature
With this feature of WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, the user can easily share their loyalty points with other users.

Point recording function
By activating the points registration settings in the WooCommerce Points and Rewards membership features section, the customer can view the points earned, used, or coupons in the control panel.

Assign Product Ratings
This feature allows for easy allocation of points on the product and allocation of points by product category.

Return / Interruption points
In the return and discount points section, loyalty points are dynamically managed according to purchase and return requests.

Reference points
The seller can set features that will earn points for users who invite other customers. Referred customer must register for successful score assignment.

Registration points
WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards plugin has the ability to reward your customers with points as soon as they register on your website. You can choose how many points you want to give them for registration.

Points of comment
When customers comment on products or posts, they are rewarded with points set by the manager.

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