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Wise Chat Pro 2.3.2 – Chat for WordPress


Wise Chat Pro 2.3.2 – Chat for WordPress

Wise Chat Pro 2.3.2 – Chat for WordPress a very popular advanced chat plugin for WordPress. Does not require an additional server, supports multiple chats, filters bad words, places photos / files and detailed appearance settings. The plugin is well designed for mobile devices. It has a single sign-on feature, provides easy localization for each language, moderation, backup, working time control and much more.

Avatars: Improve the appearance of the chat by showing the avatars of your users.
Integration with BuddyPress: integrate Wise Chat Pro in BuddyPress groups and friends, provide a tool for live communication with group members and friends.
Facebook-like mode: The chat screen is aligned to the right side of your site.
Themes: Use one of 7 cute themes to quickly customize your chat style.
Email notifications. Notify chat participants or administrators when a new message arrives.
Custom Emoticons – Use your own set of emoticons to enrich your look.
Private messages: Allow your users to chat with each other privately.
Edit published posts: Users can edit their posts.
User List Search Option – Search users in the list to find people easily
Chat button on profile page: Place the chat button on profile page.
Waiting for messages. Ensure high-quality conversations by allowing moderators to filter all posted messages.
External Authentication Expand potential users by allowing them to log in using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
Multi-site support: Wise Chat Pro can run in a multi-site WordPress environment.

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Simple installation: Chat can be installed using a convenient shortcode, widget, or PHP function. Multiple chat facilities can be embedded on the same page.
Mobile Ready: Fully responsive design and mobile ready interface.
Themes: Use one of the 3 nice themes to quickly adjust the chat style. Simple theme fit your styles.
No external server required: no need to configure, maintain or pay for a server. Regular accommodation is sufficient.
Unlimited chat channels – Allow people to post messages in dedicated chat rooms (called channels). Run multiple channels simultaneously on the same page or on separate pages.
Private chat channels: Make individual chat channels private by protecting them with a password. Only users who know the password can access the channel.
Channel Management: Delete all messages from individual channel or delete channel entirely.
Anonymous users: Unregistered or anonymous users can be allowed to participate in the chat. The automatically generated (configurable) name is assigned to that user.
Anonymous users with custom name: Allow users to choose their name when they visit the chat for the first time.
Registered Users: The plugin properly recognizes registered and registered users.
Single sign-on: no separate sign-in to chat required. If a user is logged into your website, the chat automatically logs in.
Read-only mode: Make chat read-only for anonymous users. Encourage your users to register to post messages.
Channel user limit: Limit the number of users allowed to participate in a channel.
Channel Limit for a User – Limit the number of channels a user can participate in simultaneously.
User settings: Chat users have options to change their name, the color of their messages or mute the sounds generated by the chat.
Restrict access: option to allow access only to registered and registered users.
Flood control: detect spammers and prevent them from posting messages in the chat.
Post links and images – Option to allow clickable links and images. The published images are downloaded to the Media Library.
Camera images: On mobile devices, users can take a photo directly and post it with a message.
YouTube Movies – Show links to YouTube movies as a video player with adjustable width and height.
Attachments – Attach files directly to messages using the appropriate uploader.
Multiline Messages: Allow your users to post long messages on multiple lines. The Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut can be used to send such messages.
Notifications: Notifications that indicate new messages, new users, absent users or mentioned users. It can be a sound or a counter in the browser title.
24 sounds: Use any of the 24 ready-to-use sounds dedicated to notifications.
Automatic message cleaning: automatic cleaning messages older than the defined amount of time.
Localization: provide a translation for your language. All texts are translatable.
Appearance settings: Adjust the visual appearance to match your website by editing colors, font size, showing / hiding interface elements, changing the order of the messages and placing chat elements. All of this can be done using the configuration page.
Chat Moderation: Protect your chat by enabling swearing control using the built-in profanity filter. It supports English and Polish languages.
Chat Channel Statistics Short Code – Displays basic statistics for a channel using the short code.
Message Filtering – Create rules that detect and replace specific words / patterns in published messages. It is good for cutting links, for example.
Message History – All recently posted messages are available in the input field for forwarding.
Chat Opening Hours / Days – Define the days and hours range when the chat is open for users.
Spam reports: Chat participants can report spam messages.
Prohibitions: The administrator can prohibit users (based on IP) from not following the chat rules.
Kicks: Administrator can kick users (based on IP) who do not follow chat rules.
Automatic Bans – An option that automatically blocks a user if they exceed the defined number of bad words.


How to free download:

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