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WebViewGold for Android 5.4 – WebView URL/HTML to Android app


WebViewGold for Android 5.4 – WebView URL/HTML to Android app

Download WebViewGold for Android 5.4 – Let’s turn your websites and web apps into Android apps. This application template is compatible with all kinds of web applications/websites (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, progressive web applications, HTML 5 games, WiX, Jimdo,, …).

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Use your mobile website or web app as a base and this Android Studio Bundle wraps your content into a real, native Android app! A great approach to gain access to millions of Google Play Store customers. Without coding, no more plugins are needed. It just works


  • Optimized for exceptional performance
  • Full Android app template: no coding required
  • Powered by the powerful Chromium web engine
  • Easy: Just define your URL (or your local HTML folder) and WebViewGold will take care of the rest.
  • Optional alternative change mode: use local HTML folder if the user is offline and use remote URL if the user is online
  • Native Loading Spinner / Android Activity Indicator while loading its URL
  • Display a welcome screen (for example, containing animated GIFs) until the first page has fully loaded
  • Smart performance caching mechanism
  • Offline screen with “Try Again” button if your app can’t connect to your URL
  • Define which URLs should be opened in the system browser instead of your application (for external links, for example, Facebook / Twitter)
  • The background color of the custom status bar
  • Language detection: add the user’s system language to the WebView URL
  • Camera and file uploads (including multiple photos + videos) Supported uploads
    Supported custom user agent
  • Image, PDF, ePub, Document, and Music File Download API (add unlimited file types that should activate the built-in file downloader)
  • In-app purchases API and in-app subscriptions
  • Native exchange dialog API
  • Optional tab functionality with additional in-app browser (calling top.location or top.location.href links)
  • API “Reset the application” (clear your user’s cookies and cache via the link)
  • Dialog “Rate my application”
  • Dialogue “Follow on Facebook”
  • Powerful QR code scanner API
  • Push notifications via JavaScript, Firebase or OneSignal with URL link binding
  • AdMob Banner and AdMob full-screen interstitial ads can be enabled
  • Disable AdMob ads when a user purchased their in-app purchase product (optional)
  • Define custom CSS classes (which will be injected into your web application code while loading in the application created with WebViewGold)
  • Your application created with WebViewGold will save all cookies (including login session cookies) until they expire (this is defined by your server/site)
  • Application links (possibility to easily configure a link scheme such as that can be activated from the mail application, browser applications, … and open the attached XYZ link in the WebView application)
  • All kinds of web applications/websites are supported (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, progressive web applications, HTML 5 games, …)
  • Free support + free updates
  • and much more…


How to Download

Note: you can download by clicking below button, If you’re facing trouble downloading “WebViewGold for Android” please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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