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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.28.2

Download Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Latest Version Free


Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.28.2

Download Free Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder – Various custom modules such as Row separator, Modal popup window, Advanced publications grid. Templates and row sections available to assemble and create pages quickly. You can add white label add-ons and provide a perfect experience to your customers at no additional cost.

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Like Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons is designed for performance. Follow the best WordPress development standards. Our dedicated support team is friendly and has experience in helping thousands of customers with consistent five-star ratings. We strive to keep these Beaver add-ons at the forefront of functionality. Get free updates with bug fixes and new features.

Template Cloud is one of our main features! Provides access to hundreds of templates directly in the WordPress backend. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder is 100% compatible and is well tested in multi-site WordPress network installations. These Beaver add-ons work with free and paid editions of Beaver Builder. It also complements the agency version very well.

Our add-on can be used with Astra, the free and best compatible WP theme, and all other themes are popular with our users. UABB comes from a team that has delivered several products that are used by thousands of companies.

Ultimate Plugins for Beaver Builder Lite – Features

  • Ribbon – An attractive lead generation module that allows you to display headings, titles, and offers within an attractive ribbon that can be customized to your needs.
  • Image Separator – A creative module that allows you to add relevant and attractive images between rows.
  • Information Table – A wonderful content module that can be used to display content descriptively with a title, description, links, and image to go with all of you.
  • Information list: Another content module that allows you to display a list of items with their respective information along with an image or icon.
  • Slide Box – A creative module that lets you add content to the front and back of a box. The content on the back slides out when you scroll or click in the box.
  • Flip Box: Another creative module that acts similar to a slide box; only the box flips over to show the content on the back.
  • Button: A button can act as an effective lead generation module along with your call to action. This module comes in various shapes to make it look stylish and modern.
  • Image / Icon – An animated content module that lets you add an image of your choice and one icon among the hundreds available in the free library that comes with the definitive plugins for Beaver Builder.
  • Simple Separator – A simple content module that allows you to add a separator between the title and description of a particular content. You’ll love the styling options on offer here!
  • Spacer: A very simple but useful module that allows you to insert additional space between modules or anywhere on a page.
  • Header: The Header module allows you to add a header anywhere on the page. The next time you want to add a single line, remember that you have the header module.
  • 100% SEO Friendly and fast loading modules.
  • A friendly translation interface that makes working easy and fun.
  • Built with responsive designs.

Ultimate Addons Pro Features

  • All of the modules mentioned above are included in a bundle of over 45 creative, high-performance modules that make creating websites easy and fun.
  • Over 200 well-designed, conversion-oriented, responsive and beautiful page templates and sections created with your requirements in mind. All of these are uploaded to a Template Cloud.
  • Easy enable and disable options for modules; to reduce unnecessary server requests.
  • Live preview options while you are still editing a page.
  • White label mark
  • Unlimited use on own or customer websites.
  • World-class professional support directly from developers.
  • Annual and lifetime licenses.


How to free download:

Note:  you can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble to download “Ultimate Addons”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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