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Top Lead Extractor 3.1.29 Cracked

Download Top Lead Extractor Cracked Latest Version


Top Lead Extractor 3.1.29 Cracked

Top Lead Extractor Cracked 3.1.29 –  Communicating with people by phone, Skype, or SMS is often more effective than sending mass marketing emails. Top Lead Extractor will find and collect contact information for you in a couple of minutes, and you can spend the time you save on yourself.

Top Lead Extractor extracts email addresses, contact information, and IDs from Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ from the web.

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Top Lead Extractor supports specific searches like advanced google search, yahoo, bing, etc. You have an option to extract selected or all kinds of information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, messaging identifiers (skype, icq, MSN, yahoo). Top Lead Extractor has a long list of customizable options so you can customize your search and search results according to your goal and needs.


  • Email extractor
    Top Lead Extractor searches for email addresses. Due to the multithreading power of the software, the process runs quickly and, in the end, you are provided with a list of emails from potential customers.
  • Telephone extractor
    Search for phone numbers on specific sites, or search by keyword, selecting suitable sites from search engines.
  • Instant contact puller
    The software is able to find not only email addresses and phone numbers, but also data such as Skype ID, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. You don’t need any additional plugin for this.
  • Save bandwidth and time
    To save bandwidth and valuable time, “Top Lead Extractor” has the option “Do not allow crawling of pages already crawled in new searches”.
  • Automatic saving and recovery
    Sometimes the computer/software shuts down unexpectedly; don’t worry, you can retrieve your search results with just one click.
  • Internet flaw detector
    Top Lead Extractor automatically stops/resumes internet failure during processing.
  • Unicode support
    Top Lead Extractor supports Unicode contacts. You can also save recovered contacts in Unicode format.
  • Customizable tracker
    The user can customize the behavior of the tracker according to their needs.
  • Proxy support
    In case some site or search engine blocks the IP, you can add proxy settings.
  • Great list of search engines
    Top Lead Extractor supports more than 66 search engines. You can search according to your country.
  • To export
    You can export in .xlsx files, .CSV files (opens in EXCEL), the TAB-delimited format (.txt files) opens in NOTEPAD.


How to free download:

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