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Soundkit 2.4.2 – Social Music Sharing Platform

Download Soundkit 2.4.2


Soundkit 2.4.2 – Social Music Sharing Platform

Soundkit 2.4.2 – It is a social music sharing platform the same as SoundCloud, Mixcloud which permits users to upload their music online & share it with others.

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User Features:

  • Feed: the feed page keeps the user updated with the new tracks, albums or playlists published by their friends, shows artist suggestions and more
  • Graphics: The graphics show the basis of new and popular songs in the administration time settings, such as new and popular songs this week, also show the 50 main songs that can be filtered by time this week, last week, this month, last month and this year
  • Explore: you can explore new tracks, new artists, new albums and filter tracks by genre
  • Collection: the collection works like Soundcloud, which allows users to view their collections such as the history of the tracks they have played, the tracks they liked, the tracks they want to listen to later, their playlists and albums with which they liked
  • Music player: it comes with a modern music player with the ability to play, then pause, repeat and also the following playlist
  • Repost: the user can republish tracks, playlists or albums to their followers such as Soundcloud
  • Search: it comes with a search system to find artists, tracks, people, playlists and albums, all at the same time. It also supports search filter
  • Share: users can share songs on any website, by email or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook e.t.c
  • Pro Accounts: Monetize your website with premium professional members who can get a professional badge, more track size, sell clues, use the e.t.c focus
  • Statistics: powerful statistics to show who is playing your tracks, download your tracks, view statistics with the bar, line or base of the area chart on it.


Adverts & E-Wallet – Module for SoundKit 1.0

SK Desktop Application for mac and window 1.0

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