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sh404SEF – SEO, analytics and security

Download sh404SEF Latest Version Free


sh404SEF – SEO, analytics and security

Download sh404SEF – sh404SEF® makes sure your Joomla! The site follows the recommended search engine optimization guidelines. From duplicate content management to analysis, and including the social media connector, a really useful 404 error page, and more, we handle the tedious work automatically and provide tools for you to do the rest.

Short and with enough keyword URLs. It creates them automatically for most ready-to-use components. Duplicate content removed. Manually customize any URL on your site. Manually customize all metadata for all and any page of your site, regardless of the component used. It provides a single central and convenient location.

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Automatically insert OpenGraph metadata or Twitter card tags. Customize them per page. Show the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest buttons on all or only some pages. Track clicks on those icons. Block some common attacks. Prevent flooding (attacks through a large number of requests per second). Keep spam away from your site automatically and at no cost with the integration of Project HoneyPot.

Automatically insert fragments of Google Analytics or Google Tag. It can use standard or universal analysis and optionally anonymize the IP address. View reports from within your site. Display an easily customizable 404 error page using your normal site template to keep your users. Do not allow them to return automatically showing links to pages on your site similar to your request or automatically redirect them to the best match URL.



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