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Salon Booking WordPress Plugin 3.40 – plugin for WordPress beauty salons


Salon Booking WordPress Plugin 3.40 – plugin for WordPress beauty salons

Salon Booking WordPress Plugin 3.40 – plugin for WordPress beauty salons is a complete and easy-to-manage booking system that will help your business to get more bookings on your website and save a lot of time when doing agenda management tasks.

This complement was developed taking into account the most common needs of hairdressers, cosmetologists, therapists, spas, clinics, rental of sports facilities, etc.

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  • Background Calendar
  • Montly view
  • Weekly view
  • Daily view
  • Export of reserves
  • Add reservation from daily view
  • Block time slots from daily view

General configuration of the room

  • Email notifications about new reservation
  • Email notification to selected attendee
  • Email reminder for customers.
  • Email tracking
  • Email Review Notification
  • Customized email notification logo
  • Personalized email message to customers
  • SMS notification about new reservation
  • SMS notification to the selected assistant
  • SMS reminder for customers
  • SMS tracking
  • SMS verification code against spam
  • Aplhanumeric ID compatible SMS
  • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms providers supported
  • Compatible Whatsapp notifications
  • set your favorite date and time format
  • set when your week starts
  • WordPress editors as salon administrator

Salon reservation rules

  • Three BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH booking methods
  • Reserve time range (from a minimum of … to a maximum of anticipation)
  • Multiple weekly schedule rules
  • Time range validity option for weekly booking rules
  • Multiple vacation rules
  • Compensation between reserves
  • Change the order of the steps of the reservation form (Date and time – Services – Assistants – Pay – Payment or reverse)
  • Manual booking confirmation
  • Cancellation of user reservation
  • Pause online booking form

Salon payment options

  • Enable online payments
  • Subsequent payment option
  • Deposit of percentage or fixed amount
  • Automatic cancellation option for unpaid reservations
  • Hide prices
  • Decimal option and thousands of separators
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Supported custom payment methods
  • Official plug-in for “Mollie”, “Square”, “Worldpay”, “Paystack”, “RedSys” and “Paytrail”

Salon payment options

  • Enable guest payment
  • Force guest out
  • Limit the number of services that can be booked at the same time
  • Control form fields
  • Login with a Facebook account
  • Enable advanced discount system
  • Add custom fields

Two ways to sync Google Calendar

  • Synchronize reservations in the salon administrator’s Google Calendar account
  • The salon administrator can add and cancel reservations from your Google Calendar account

Front booking form design

  • Choose from three different reservation form sizes based on your page layout
  • Custom color palette generator

Wizard settings

  • Multiple weekly schedule rules
  • Multiple vacation rules
  • Limit reservations to specific services
  • Multiple reservations for the same space to reserve classrooms
  • Google Calendar sync
  • SMS notification when you have booked
  • Email notification when you have booked

Service settings

  • Price
  • Duration
  • Unit per hour
  • Grouping of categories
  • Multiple weekly schedule rules
  • No assistant required
  • Service interruption (you can now select up to 3 hours divided into multiples of the average session duration)
  • Conditional “secondary services”
  • Direct booking link
  • Exclusive service

Advanced discount system

  • Create unlimited coupon codes
  • Create unlimited discounts based on multiple criteria


How to free download:
Note: you can download by clicking below button, If you’re facing trouble to download “Salon Booking WordPress Plugin”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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