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Root 2.4.1 NULLED – the most environmentally friendly WP theme


Root 2.4.1 NULLED – the most environmentally friendly WP theme

Root 2.4.1 NULLED – the most environmentally friendly WP theme Adaptive, SEO-optimized, micro-designed, valid, with emoticons, slider, spoilers, custom widgets, advanced formatting, flexible appearance settings, built-in advertising, no heavy frames, integration with social networks. networks …

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SEO optimization
The correct H1 header in the main
The H1 header in the main is placed in the logo (site name) or in an additional text block, which can be configured from the administration panel.

The correct H1-H6 headings The H1-H6 headings are
Only in articles, neither in widgets, nor in comments, nor in pagination, as is usually the case, they are not. Only in the text of the article.

The right sidebar
In the code, the main block with the content goes first, only then the sidebar. Anywhere in the sidebar, even when it’s on the left.

H1 arbitrary for categories
You can set the correct SEO header to promote categories (and any taxonomy), regardless of what the category is called.

The correct description of the headings.
The description of the categories (and any taxonomy) is shown only on the first page. In the presence of pagination, text does not duplicate on pagination pages.

There are no links to pages from the page itself.
Links to the current open page are removed from the menu, which helps avoid page links to the same page.

Closed indexing links
Any external link can be closed in 1 click via JavaScript from indexing. The link itself is base64 encoded, but generally does not differ from the outside.

Tested on all modern and popular devices. the
The percentage of mobile users only grows every year, and it is important that the site is displayed equally well on different screens.

Adaptive images, tables, videos.
Don’t worry if the clip inserted in the article or a large image can break the entire display of the content.

Mobile first
First, all styles are written for mobile phones, then for tablets, and only for large screens.

All settings in Customizer
It’s a pleasure to customize the look of the site – all changes are instantly displayed on the site.

Sidebar disabled
You can disable / enable the sidebar separately for the main page, headings, posts or page. Or even for a separate publication.

Big picture
Recordings In addition to the standard recording output, a publication with a large image is also available in full width.

Custom publication
You can specify a specific publication output for the main, and separately for the headings, search. There are 3 different outputs available.

Quick change of colors, backgrounds, fonts.
Online you can see what your site will look like with other text colors, links, menus, etc. If you want, just save it.

Powerful post-exit widget
For the sidebar, we have developed a custom output post widget: with thumbnail, without, by date, views, by number, etc.

Up button
You don’t have to install additional plugins or write your own code, the Up button is already there. A little, but nice. You can configure your

admin panel code for the
accountants code, affiliate networks, callback, etc. in admin panel without editing theme files. By section and before.

6 advertising positions Advertising
the space has already been incorporated into the theme, you just need to configure the code. It is possible to specify how many days after publication the ads are displayed, so as not to interfere with regular readers.

Separate mobile ads
For each ad unit, you can set your own code to display on a mobile device.

Flexible integration of article advertising.
Ability to specify the display of ad units after certain paragraphs in the entry text.

Fixed widget
Support for the q2w3 plugin, which allows you to pin any widget when scrolling through a page.

The code
Modern and clean source code, semantic breakdown in directories, files, lack of heavy libraries, slow scripts.
Our theme is fully compatible with micro-marking, both for the main header and for posts and pages.

Good typography
Well-designed fonts, line spacing, width of the content area, and article format enhance the perception of page content.

Information blocks
There are three types of information blocks available to attract the reader’s attention, they are available both in the administration panel and on the site.

In the visual editor, there are spoilers available where you can hide any content.

Ready-to-use styles for lists and tables
For tables and numbered / unordered lists, styles are prescribed so that these elements do not leave the design.

Record source
Ability to set the log source, which will be displayed at the end of the post. If you want, you can close the indexing link through JS with a click.

Links to authors are hidden via JavaScript
Even a closed link at rel = “nofollow” removes the weight of the page, which negatively affects the promotion, so it is better to close the links from indexing.

Answer button
By default, the Reply button in the comments is a link, although it is not necessary there. In the topic, we replace the link to the button.

Well-designed emoticons, with support for retina screens that do not break the lines, as is usually the case. Replace standard emoji.

Social networks
Built-in fee
buttons. The buttons are built into the theme, no external scripts are required, no unnecessary requests, which means they load and work faster.

Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp
For mobile devices, Share buttons are shown for Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp applications.

And finally
Yoast SEO
Our favorite SEO plugin is fully supported. The theme has styles for breadcrumbs and a priority header screen.

When developing a theme, we abandon frames, heavy decisions and try to optimize each function to the maximum.


How to free download:
Note: you can download by clicking below button, If you’re facing trouble to download “Root”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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