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RocketWeb 1.3.3 – Configurable Android WebView App Template

Download RocketWeb 1.3.3


RocketWeb 1.3.3 – Configurable Android WebView App Template

Download RocketWeb 1.3.3 – Create the Android WebView mobile app from a responsive website. Set up the requirement and create your site in one app, It can do so much more, explore the many useful options and features we offer below:

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  • Kotlin Language: This project is developed in the Kotlin language with the latest Google guide and material design.
  • Web Engine: RocketWeb’s configurable WebView is developed with the latest Chrome web engine support. The Chromium web engine will give you an optimal web browsing experience.
  • Theme support: To change the theme, you can select our existing theme with gradient style color or single style color. You can also configure the color code to match your brand.
  • Android navigation drawer: You can delete the slide menu or configure it by your own choice (options and other details).
  • Android Custom Toolbar: We provide a fully customizable toolbar. Therefore, you can remove the toolbar to create a full-screen application. Also, you can change the style of the toolbar from our preset style settings.
  • Full-Screen App: If your website has a toolbar to navigate your website, please turn off the app toolbar and enjoy the native toolbar experience.
  • Left and right menu: You can remove the menu from the left or right toolbar or select the option you want.
  • Local website host: You can run your local/offline website in the Android web view app. Just save your website offline in the assets folder.
  • Custom Loader: We have incredible compatibility with the application loader library.
  • Welcome screen: we have already made all the settings for the welcome screen. Simply place your transparent logo in our asset folder.
  • Smart ad solution: earn money from AdMob and you can also disable it whenever you want. Our designed ads will not bother your customers too much.
  • Request permission: according to the Google guide, it’s webview application will request the required permission when necessary.
  • Media support: it supports video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 videos, etc.), audio (.mp3, .wav, etc.), all image formats and animated images (.gif).
  • HTML5 game: This application is compatible with HTML5 games and you can play within the application.
  • Upload/download files: It will allow you to upload and download files.
  • Download Manager: Download any file with our download manager.
  • JavaScript support: It is compatible with all JavaScript dialog boxes.
  • Appraisal and sharing of the application: your user can promote your application with sharing and rate it in the Play Store without any configuration.
  • Receptive device: the design of our application will keep the device responsive automatically. The screen will be compatible with devices from 4 “to 10”.
  • RTL support: the application supports the design from left to right.


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