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Reputation 1.0.9b – XenForo 2 Reputation Plugin


Reputation 1.0.9b – XenForo 2 Reputation Plugin

Reputation 1.0.9b This plugin adds the traditional reputation feature in XenForo 2. With this plugin, users can award reputation points to other users in the same way that they can use feedback.

You have the opportunity to replace the “Reactions” and “Reaction Count” functions built into XF 2, or you can use Reactions and Reputation at the same time. You have the option to include a reputation in your posts as well as in your user profile. Users can give a positive and negative reputation.

Similar to how you can assign a rating to each reaction, you can enable the option to set the default reputation parameters displayed in the drop-down menu. You can disable custom reputation amounts. With this feature, you can also disable a negative amount of reputation.

This plugin has various settings that you can configure so that users do not abuse the reputation system, you can limit the frequency and how many reputation points are awarded per user per day, in addition to other parameters.


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