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Radzen 2.25.5 Patched Free Download


Radzen 2.25.5 Patched Free Download

Radzen 2.25.5 is a rapid application development solution that allows you to visually create web applications in minutes. Easy to install and maintain. Add CRUD support to your MSSQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database in minutes. Connect to REST, OData, and Swagger services. Use proven open-source technologies – Angular, Bootstrap, .NET Core., Blazor.

Let’s start with the data
Connect to your database. Radzen displays your data and creates a fully functional web application. Supports MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, OData, Swagger, REST services.

Add additional pages or edit generated ones. The familiar drag and drop interface makes it easy to see your changes. Need to write your own code? You can expand your Radzen apps with your favorite IDE.

Launch and deploy
Bring your app to live. Expand the local IIS with one click. Running in the cloud? You can send the application to Azure via FTP. Just archive it and deploy it to your Linux server.


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