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Premmerce Performance Optimizer Premium 1.1.6 NULLED


Premmerce Performance Optimizer Premium 1.1.6 NULLED

Premmerce Performance Optimizer Premium 1.1.6 NULLED plugin significantly optimizes WooCommerce-based online stores, which use a larger database of products, attributes, options, and also use WPML for multilingualism.

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The main features / cases of using the plugin:

Optimize the menu with a large number of items
You can perform optimization due to caching of all menu items, as menus are not loaded separately on every page of the site and do not affect the loading speed of internal pages.

By testing a menu with over 50 items, software updates introduced by the engineering team contribute to increasing the page load speed by 50%.

Tests have also shown good results with non-standard menus containing additional images and data, the optimization performed accelerated the speed of the website page twice.

Optimize online stores with a large number of products.
You can speed up your online store by optimizing database queries and reusing previously received data.

For online stores with the quantity of products from 5000, the optimization provides an acceleration of up to 2 times.

Optimize online stores with lots of attributes and their terms
Acceleration is carried out due to the optimization of the scripts that are responsible for the formation of attributes before their output.

For online stores with 10,000 product number and 50 attribute number (70 terms each), optimization provides up to 2x acceleration.

Optimization of online stores with a large number of product variations.
Acceleration is done by optimizing database queries and reusing previously obtained data.

For online stores with 5000 number of products and 10 number of variations on each product item, optimization provides acceleration of up to 2-3 times.

Optimization of multilingual stores using WPML
Acceleration occurs by caching the menu and optimizing a series of WooCommerce queries.

For online stores with two languages ​​and 16000 products, optimization provides acceleration of up to 2-3 times.

Further optimization

The Premier WooCommerce Performance Optimizer plugin significantly speeds up online stores before caching, because even the load speed of non-cached stores reaches the normal limits of 2-3 seconds.

In order for an online store to handle heavy traffic loads effectively and at its maximum speed, we recommend installing the caching plugins.

We recently launched the Premmerce plugin, which contains the WP Rocket-based cache plugin with additional settings for online stores. With this plugin, you can achieve a page load speed of up to 1 second, and the cache plugin will allow you to handle traffic loads of 100 simultaneous clients and more.

If your online store operates with filtering, we suggest that you use the Premmerce WooCommerce Filter, which along with the unique setting for SEO optimization, also contains the Preferred Upload option and is specifically optimized to process large databases of products.


How to free download:
Note: you can download by clicking below button, If you’re facing trouble to download “Premmerce Performance Optimizer Premium”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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