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Perfmatters 1.5.7 – WordPress Plugin

Download Perfmatters Latest Version


Perfmatters 1.5.7 – WordPress Plugin

Download Perfmatters 1.5.7 – A minimal and easy-to-use control panel with one-click buttons. You don’t have to be a technology expert to use this. Increase the speed of your site by reducing HTTP requests, eliminating code, and minimizing back-end load. We are about not to swell! Clean, lightweight code less than 50 kb and without JavaScript in the interface.

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Direct support from add-on developers. We have more than 14 years of experience working in WordPress. We also love new things! And that’s why we release more updates and new features than anyone we know. We codify and test our complements so that they work with all the themes and complements. It is designed to work together with its caching add-in.

Perfmatters Features

Script Manager – See below This changes the rules of the game!
Run Google Analytics locally – This feature is in beta and should be used with caution. DO NOT use it with any other Google Analytics plugin. But if you want to run the Analytics script on your own server, rather than Google, this can provide some performance benefits. More about local analysis »
Disable emojis: WordPress loads a script on each page (wp-emoji-release.min.js). If you are not using emojis, you should disable it.
Disable Embeddings – This allows for nice previews of YouTube videos, tweets, and other embeddings. If you don’t care about these, you can disable this script (wp-embed.min.js).
Delete query strings: Query strings can hinder the ability of some CDNs to cache their styles and scripts. Deleting them may provide some speed improvements.
Disable XML-RPC: This is only necessary if you are using other apps to access your WordPress site (mobile app), or you are using some plugins, like Jetpack. If you are not using these, disable XML-RPC for better performance.
Delete jQuery Migrate – This is a script (jquery-migrate.min.js) that most themes and plugins don’t need. In most cases, it’s okay to disable it, eliminating the burden of another unnecessary file on your site.
* Some page builders may need this file, so be sure to try it out.
Eliminate unnecessary <head> stuff: WordPress adds a ton of stuff to the <head> section of your pages. Much of this is not necessary, and other things you may want to remove. You can remove the following:
WordPress version number
Wlw manifest link (Windows Live Writer)
RSD binding (if you don’t need XML-RPC, you probably don’t need it)
REST API bindings (most sites don’t use the REST API, so you don’t need them)
Disable RSS Feeds – RSS Feeds add multiple links to your site’s page. If you don’t want your site to be available to RSS feed readers, you can disable them.
Disable Dashicons: Some themes load a style sheet (dashicons.min.css), but if you are not using these icons, you don’t need it.
Limit / disable Heartbeat API – This causes server requests very frequently, which can jam your server. Learn more about limiting/disabling the Heartbeat API.
Disable password security meter – This will disable the loading of the /wp-includes/js/zxcvbn.min.js script on all pages and will only load when needed.
Enable DNS prefetch and prefetch – allow you to alert the browser to certain files it knows it will need to download. This helps save time loading pages and speeds up your site.
Disable / Limit Post Reviews: They can saturate your database and slow down your site. Turn them off completely or limit them to a few.
Change autosave interval: By default, WordPress automatically saves your posts every 60 seconds, which means writing to your database. Extend this interval to speed things up a bit, especially in the admin area when editing posts/pages.


How to free download:

Note:  you can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble to download “Perfmatters”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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