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Payment module Privat24 1.8.7


Payment module Privat24 1.8.7

Payment module Privat24 1.8.7  module is what you need for a successful business in Ukraine.
Payment methods: Visa / Mastercard, Privat24, Privat24 / Sender plastic cards, payment in Privat24 by QR code, cash at Privatbank terminals, invoicing by email.

Privatbank is the largest Ukrainian bank most integrated into electronic commerce. You only need to reach your customers to successfully sell your products on the territory of Ukraine.

The module offers its clients 4 payment methods:
1. Send an account to Privat24 / Sender (Privatbank mobile application);
2. Scan a QR code in Privat24 / Sender (Privatbank mobile application);
3. Send an invoice with a payment button to the customer by email;
4. Payment of the invoice on the personal page of your store, to which you can add the following payment methods: a) payment on the privat24 website; b) payment with Visa / Mastercard with CVV code; c) payment in Privat24 / Sender; d) payment by QR code; e) cash payment at Privatbank terminals; f) MasterPass; g) Privatbank credit.

Payment is made instantly: as soon as the customer has confirmed the payment privately24, he will be redirected to the page for successful order confirmation.

More payment methods: more sales. Available payment methods: – Privat24 web version – Plastic cards from any bank

– In cash at private bank terminals
– Privat24 / Sender application – Privat24 / Sender application by QR code
– MasterPass
– Send an invoice to the customer’s email
– Privatbank The Credit

The most common methods of payment for goods in Ukraine will be available to customers.



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