PageLoader 4.2 – WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar


PageLoader 4.2 – WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar

PageLoader 4.2 is a highly customizable loading screen and progress bar plugin for WordPress. Add it to your theme as a simple upload element or use it as a full-scale branding tool; Incredibly easy to use customization tools allow both. An incredibly light and unobtrusive way to make an instant impression on your visitors.

Functions and functions:

  • Loading icon
  • Choose from 10 animated icons included
  • Place the icon anywhere on the screen
  • Freely change the speed, size and colors of the icon animation
  • Add blur and fade effects
  • Optionally hide icon completely
  • Image is loading
  • Upload Image or Enter Image URL
  • Place the image anywhere on the screen
  • Add vibrating animation and control the speed of the animation
  • Add blur and fade effects
  • Background
  • Dodge or slide (control direction, scale, animation speed)
  • Customize the background color
  • Add a secondary background color for fade animation (including speed control)
  • Use a secondary background color for the background gradient (can be animated, animation speed customizable)
  • Customize the transparency of the background color for a transparent effect
  • Upload background image (set as pattern or full size)
  • Customize the transparency of the background image to get a transparent effect
  • Progress bar
  • Place it anywhere on the screen
  • Customize the width, thickness and roundness of the bar
  • Show full screen on demand
  • Customize the bar’s bar and its background colors (gradient option also available)
  • Optionally disable on touch devices
  • Optionally disable all other items and show progress bar only
  • Optionally, completely disable the progress bar
  • Loading messages
  • Position it anywhere on the screen
  • Enter up to 5 load texts that will be displayed randomly on each page load
  • Customize the loading text color
  • Customize the font size
  • Use theme font
  • Close function protection
  • If the charging process takes too long, an auxiliary message will be displayed along with the shutdown function. This is useful if something is preventing a page from finishing (for example, embedded content from an unresponsive third party).
  • Set custom spawn time
  • Enter custom text
  • Customize the color
  • Use theme font
  • Animation of website content once loaded
  • Target the entire body of the site or only specific items (such as the title and content of a blog post)
  • Customize the speed of the animation
  • Customize the direction and distance of the scrolling animation
  • Customize animation at scale
  • Customize the opacity of the elements to which the animation is applied
  • Other options
  • Show as many times as you want on the loading screen via widget placement without styling
  • Show only once per browser session
  • Set a custom delay for the loading screen to disappear
  • Disable the installer on certain posts / pages
  • Show loading screen only on touch devices
  • Show installer only on home page (great for splash screen behavior)

How To Free Download?

Download “PageLoader” now from the download button given below.

Note: If you have any problem while downloading, kindly disable Adblock for this site.
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