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OxyClassifieds 9.7 Latest Free Download


OxyClassifieds 9.7 Latest Free Download

OxyClassifieds – can’t find what you are looking for or do you simply want to make some adjustments to a predefined type? Use the powerful administrative interface to shape your site. By modifying the list of categories, changing the fields for the list publication form or the user registration form, these are just some of the features that will help you give a specific purpose to your classified ads site: pet classifieds, classifieds of jobs, classifieds of motorcycles and many others.If you can imagine it, you can create it with OxyClassifieds!



  • Location suggestion: Suggest directions when the guest starts typing in the Location search box.
  • Distance search: Search for a distance around the selected location.
  • Responsive templates People will navigate your website easily while mobile.
  • Location filter All lists displayed will reflect the last location chosen each time you open the browser until you change it again.
  • Subdomains of location. When a location is selected, it will be used as a subdomain, such as
  • Fully customizable mailing list form. Set up unlimited fields of various types, including Google Maps, Images, Files and YouTube Videos. You can even create specific fields for each category, so your publication form for Real Estate listings will be different from that of the Car listings.
  • Quick and customizable search forms. Choose the fields you want to appear in your search forms.
    One step sends the advertising form. Easy to use, response forms.
  • Zipcode / search area. Allow your visitors to search for ads within a radius of a certain zip code location.
    Email Alerts Your visitors can choose to receive notifications when new listings have added that match your search.
  • Multi-language Allow your visitors to change language from the site interface
  • Save your favorite ads so you can read them later.
  • Massive loads. Import multiple ads by loading a single file.


  • User Groups, You have the possibility to create different user groups. Each user group can have different registration forms, different assigned ad plans and different settings that apply to users who belong to this group.
  • Fully customizable registration form fields.
  • Allow login with username or simply email address.
  • Affiliate Accounts Affiliates will promote their classified business in exchange for a percentage of the revenue generated.
  • Allows login and registration using Facebook, Google and OpenID accounts.
  • Allow visitors to post ads without an account. Facilitate the process of adding listings to your visitors by allowing them to post without registering. You can use this ad model of publications and, at the same time, allow you to publish ads with a user account.
  • Allow subscriptions as a type of special listing plan. Subscriptions will allow your users to post a number of ads, or an unlimited number for a period of time after buying a subscription to your classified ads site.
  • Invoices. Generate invoices for users to download in PDF format.
  • Inbox. Messages between users will be recorded on your site.
  • Hide the phone field. It requires human interaction to show the phone number to protect the phone numbers of the bots.
  • Send emails in bulk. Send emails to all users or a group of users at the same time.
OxyClassifieds 9.7
OxyClassifieds 9.7

SEO features:

  • SEO friendly links. Use URL rewriting to make classified site URLs easier for search engines to use.
  • Subdomains of location. The URL of your site will appear differentiated for several locations using a different subdomain.
  • Customize the page title, meta keywords and description of all pages. You can even use tags, which will be replaced by different values ​​of the current page. For example, the values ​​of a search or the name of the category or other special value of an ad. Basically, you can make all pages have different meta information, which is very important for the search engine optimization of your site.
  • Google Sitemaps The script will automatically generate and renew an XML sitemap for your site, with the frequency and importance that you configure for each page.
  • Tag cloud. Show the most searched terms on your site as tags in a specialized section.
  • Canonical URLs To avoid several pages with the same content, our script automatically uses canonical URLs.


  • Coupons Promote your business by offering discount coupons.
  • Unlimited listings of plans. You can configure your listing plans as you wish, and you can create plans for specific categories or assign them only to some user groups. Subscription plans are also available.
  • Bump Ads at the top. Payment function so that your list appears at the top of other listings for a short period of time.
  • Featured Ads Payment feature for listings with high visibility on the first page.
  • Featured Ads Payment function for listings that are displayed in a different color to be more visible than the other listings.
  • Classifieds in the video. Payment function to allow a YouTube video in the image gallery of ads.
  • Priority Listings Payment function to place a list at the top of a search page, before all other normal lists.
    Urgent label. Payment function that adds an urgent label to increase visibility.
  • URL site. Payment function that allows you to charge for posting a URL with the ad.
  • Distributor page. – Payment function to allow a special account page showing user details and all user lists, and allows replacing the header image with the user’s logo.
  • Banners – Add banners to your site in a variety of page positions.
  • PayPal recurring payment. Allow subscriptions to renew automatically through recurring payments.

Safety features:

  • Limit login attempts. Protect your site against brute force attacks by temporarily blocking failed login attempts.
  • Login history. A record is maintained with each login for each user in the system.
  • Ad report Users can report listings with inappropriate content.
  • IP blocking Block spam or other malicious activities by blocking your IP addresses, all with one click.
  • Email blocking Fight spam by blocking email addresses
  • Phone number lock. Block phone numbers. This feature combined with SMS verification is a very powerful security tool.
  • Forbidden words It is possible to filter or replace some words from the content of your listing.
  • Verification of images for forms. You can choose to use reCAPTCHA from Google.
  • Account activation via email. To ensure that the accounts are legitimate, you can choose to request account activation before using it. The process is as simple as clicking on a link in a received email.
  • Account activation via SMS. Account validation with a code received via SMS. The supported SMS gateways are Clickatell, BulkSMS, ExpertTexting, Altria.
  • Built-in the email delivery system to prevent email theft. A clear email address will not be found on your site because all communication is done with the contact forms.
  • Approval pending. You can choose to have some listings, accounts or other actions on your site await administrator approval.



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