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Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.7 Patched


Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.7 Patched

Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.7 Patched is a powerful program that allows you to download individual files and complete websites (HTTP, FTP and HTTPS) to your hard drive for later offline viewing both on a separate computer and by users of the entire local network. With Offline Explorer Enterprise, you can simultaneously download an unlimited number of your chosen websites, FTP and HTTPS to continue working with them.

Offline Explorer Enterprise contains web-based utilities for quick and easy editing, browsing or searching of pages downloaded in the integrated web browser. Offline Explorer Enterprise is an easy-to-use Offline Explorer, more powerful than Offline Explorer Pro, and also has its own features: the ability to load 100 million URLs into a project, the OLE automation interface to manage from other applications, etc. Offline Explorer Enterprise is an ideal product for companies that want to have their own website download solutions.

Saved copies of the sites will be operational offline. They can also be exported in a convenient format or burn a copy of the site to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. For flexible loading control, there is a convenient filter of downloaded pages, the ability to monitor the download queue, a detailed record of operations. The program is a convenient tool to download content from the Internet, it perfectly serves to guarantee your needs in the delivery and processing of information from the Internet.

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