Module Price Increment 1.5.5 – Reduction By Group, Category And More


Module Price Increment 1.5.5 – Reduction By Group, Category And More

Module Price Increment 1.5.5 Determine the prices of the products you really want to display. Make increases, discounts (discounts) and fixed prices with unlimited conditions and combinations. You can change the prices of your products individually or collectively according to your preferences.

Discount management
You have 3 options to apply and manage discounts with our module:

– Show discount as discount: When this option is enabled, the discount is shown as a discount (specific price), then the product price shows the previous price and the amount / percentage of the discount and the new price.
* It only works if the rules configuration created with our module is a discount.

– Skip other discounts: If there is a previous sale of the product, the rule will not apply to this product.
– Cancel discounts: if the product has a previous discount, the rule will be applied and the previous discount will be canceled (it will be skipped but not removed).
These 2 options are valid for any configuration that you can do with our module.

How can Install:

  • You can install the module from Backoffice:
  • Go to the “Modules” section and select “Add new module”.
  • Select the downloaded .zip file of the add-ons after purchase
  • Upload the .zip file
  • Find the module in the list and click “Install”

How To Free Download?

Download “Module Price Increment” now from the download button given below.

Note: If you have any problem while downloading, kindly disable Adblock for this site.
Still, facing any issue? feel free to contact us.


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