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Jumbo React v3.1.2

Download Jumbo React v3.1.2


Jumbo React v3.1.2

Jumbo React v3.1.2 – Jumbo React is a complete React administration template based on the concept of material design to help you create your reaction application faster and more profitably. It uses the best libraries and frameworks popular with the react developer community. Some of those popular libraries are Material-UI, Redux, Redux-Saga, ReCharts, React Big Calendar and many more.

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If you want a fast MVP, a solid product or a quick change in your reaction projects. It covers all this for you. You can build any application from small to complex level with this template. Even if you want to learn how to create an application with all the functions in React, the coding style, the documentation standards, the folder structure and the best practices followed in this template together with 6 integrated applications ready to use can help you on your way Learning.



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