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JSpeed 1.6 – Joomla Plugin for Optimize Website


JSpeed 1.6 – Joomla Plugin for Optimize Website

Download JSpeed 1.6 – JSpeed ​​is the Joomla plugin to optimize and speed up the website for Google PageSpeed. Are you ready for the next Google Speedgeddon? JSpeed ​​is the professional solution to improve your website performance and make Google happy by increasing the rank of PageSpeed ​​Insights in an instant.

Google released the new “Speed” report within Google Search Console to confirm that the speed factor will become increasingly important for a website’s ranking.

As if this were not enough, Google Chrome is going to integrate a special badge to mark slow websites, as happened with the move to the https protocol. This means that visitors will be afraid of sites marked as slow and Google Chrome will suggest abandoning them … as a consequence, having a fast website is no longer an option, but a must!

The Google PageSpeed ​​score assigned to your pages is now crucial, a score of 90 or higher is considered fast and 50 to 90 is considered moderate. Below 50 is considered slow.

The JSpeed ​​Plugin for Joomla increases the performance of your website by automatically applying various improvements suggested by Google PageSpeed ​​best practices. By installing the plugin, you can achieve up to a double score during the Google PageSpeed ​​test. JSpeed ​​is a plugin to automatically optimize and speed up Joomla, but obviously the results need to be evaluated and vary from site to site.


  • Scripts and minification of CSS
    JavaScript and CSS files can be minified to reduce the overall size of the scripts and save bandwidth
  • Image optimization
    Large images can be scaled, resized and optimized on the fly to dramatically reduce overall page size and bandwidth usage
  • HTML minification
    The HTML source code for each page can be minimized to reduce the overall size of the page and speed up load time.
  • Deferred loading assets
    Scripts, CSS, images, and iframes can be lazy-loaded only when really necessary to avoid render resource blocking
  • Merge assets
    Javascript, CSS, and images can be combined into individual files to minimize HTTP request overhead
  • Total cache usage
    JSpeed ​​is cache intensive for all types of assets to load them very quickly
  • Exclusion system
    JSpeed ​​integrates a powerful exclusion system to solve conflicts and problems due to minification and optimizations
  • HTTP / 2 support
    JSpeed ​​works with HTTP / 2 compliant servers to take advantage of asset preloading by the browser
  • CDN rewrite
    If you own a CDN, the links for all assets can be automatically rewritten to point to your CDN domain
  • Htaccess optimizations
    JSpeed ​​can apply optimizations to the htaccess file to take advantage of browser caching


How to free download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “JSpeed”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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