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Delivery module using Boxberry 3.1.24


Delivery module using Boxberry 3.1.24

Delivery module using Boxberry 3.1.24 The module adds Boxberry’s carrier delivery methods: delivery to the order delivery point (LDP) or by courier. Calculate the duration and cost of shipping online at Boxberry rates. Full integration with Boxberry API service.

What will you give to the store’s customers?
The choice of delivery option: delivery by courier or delivery to PVZ.
The choice of package payment: cash on delivery or without it.
Get information on the duration and cost of online delivery when placing an order.
A convenient way to select the PVZ on the map.
Track orders 24/7 on the Boxberry website.
Extending the useful life of your Boxberry account.
With PVZ, it is often more convenient to pick up products yourself without waiting in line, without overpaying for the courier.
An extensive logistics network with many PVZs in various cities in Russia.

What will the store owner give you?
The advantages of the module.
Full integration with Boxberry personal account for its API service. Compatible with new and outdated versions of PrestaShop. Compatible with popular one page payment modules. Many other convenient features and settings.

Boxberry delivery method benefits.
Since 2010, Boxberry has been offering distance selling products to customers across Russia. Now, more than 1500 Russian and foreign online stores rely on Boxberry order delivery, and the company occupies a leading position in the e-commerce logistics market.

Integrated map widget for PVZ selection.
Calculation of the duration and cost of delivery for all delivery options (4 profiles: by courier or delivery to PVZ, with or without cash on delivery).
Ability to configure delivery profiles: disable profiles, disable PVZ profiles for cities outside the store, disable calculation settings for PVZ.
Creation and printing of documents from the order card in the site administration panel: registration and deletion of a delivery order, creation of a shipping certificate and a fence request.
Editing the delivery profile selected by the customer from the order card in the site administration panel (including the change of PVZ).
Show the customer the delivery method chosen by him, the package tracking number and other information in the personal account on the website.
Configuration of the delivery box dimensions.
Configuration of the contact details of the collection point.
The ability to release any of the delivery profiles according to the carrier configuration (Delivery / Carriers) and another partial ability to work with this standard tool.
Correct your work with standard one-page, multi-step payment modes.
Integration with one page payment modules “PresTeShop PrestaShop one page payment” (tested v2.6.8), “Knowband SuperCheckout” (tested v4.0.7). No modification of these modules is required!
Support for payments of non-standard PrestaShop themes: Panda and Transformer (for them it was necessary to make special changes in the module). No need to change these themes! The module will work on any non-standard theme, if done correctly according to the PrestaShop rules.


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