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Datoo 1.0.7 – Android Dating App

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Datoo 1.0.7 – Android Dating App

Datoo 1.0.7 – Android Dating App is a complete dating app you need to start your own business. Includes video calls, nearby people with locations, encounters, it’s a match, live stream, credit system, Admob, real-time chat, premium features, in-app purchases of gift system, in-app subscriptions, push notifications, and more

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Main features

  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with email or username
  • Password recovery and reboot system
  • Nearby People – See nearby people and location badge for very new people including actual distance
  • Filters and location filter: Filter the type of people you want to see, online, age, location, etc.
  • Quick profile and message: write to see the nearby user profile and like, dislike or message action
  • Profile Compatibility – Scroll down to view user profile information, and all supported preferences will be in primary color
  • Encounter Game: Swap left or right depending on your choice if you like the user or not.
  • It is a coincidence: the user may like users and if they both liked each other, then it is a coincidence
  • Live streaming: any user can start live video
  • Live Stream Interaction: Any user can watch live stream and comment, send gifts to Streamer, follow, unfollow or report
  • Earn Spectator Credits – Live Streamers can earn credits by sending Live Watchers gifts
  • Real-time chat: users can chat in real time, including the status of messages (send, sent and viewed)
  • Chat Emoji – Send native and Twitter emojis built into the chat
  • Chat images: users can send images from the gallery or camera directly in the bottom panel of Chat
  • Online, offline, last seen, message seen: User status is present throughout the app, Nearby,
  • Connections, and Chat. Also, all messages have real-time status.
  • Video calls: Users can make or receive video calls, including status (offline, calling, ringing, rejected, busy, or connected)
  • Credit system: users can buy credits and can use it to buy new features or send gifts
  • Reward Video (Admob) – Users can earn credits by watching the ad video (Google Admob)
  • Premium Features: There are many Premium features that the user needs to subscribe and use them, for example: see who liked or favored it, reverse the exchange on the left, etc.
  • Popularity system: the user can see how popular it is, and improve popularity by activating functions such as Move to, 3 times visible, etc.
  • Like and Favorites system: the user may like others not only in Encounter, but I will also get Match if others also want it in the meeting
  • Connection system: connection type: conversation, likes, visits, favorites and matches in one place
  • Admod ads: all free users can see ads and can disable them with credits or premium
  • Locking system: user can lock or unlock others at any time
  • Reporting system: user can report another user’s profile, photos or live stream
  • User Profile: User can see their own profile and others will see it
  • Uploading multiple photos: user can upload unlimited photos to profile
  • Multiple profile photos – User and others can view all photos on the slider
  • Importing multiple photos from Facebook: user can import multiple photos from their Facebook account
  • Importing multiple photos from Instagram: user can import multiple photos from their Instagram account
  • Verification system: User can obtain verified credential by verifying email (we will add verification of phone number in the near future)
  • In-app purchases: user can buy credits
  • In-app subscriptions: User can subscribe to use premium features during selected period
  • Push notifications: each action has push notifications (likes, visits, messages, favorites, live streaming, etc.)
  • Push Configuration: The user can choose in Witch Push Configuration to receive or not.
  • Push notifications in the app: if the app is open, notifications come directly to the top of the app
  • User privacy: the user can allow anyone to share their location or status online

Main features (Administration panel):

  • Modern: Parse board is good but not easy to use. That is why we developed this Administration Panel
  • Installations: Installations are all the devices that have successfully installed the application, even no user has logged in.
  • Latest registrations: we welcome you with the last 10 registered users (only new accounts are created)
  • Quick analysis: get a quick amount of registrations, users, chat and live broadcasts
  • Connections – View all important system data Visits, Favorites, and Follow
  • Messages: View all the information of the sender, receiver, status, image, etc. messages.
  • Encounters: see all the information of who liked or disliked, receiver, status, etc.
  • Calls – View all call information, receiver, status, duration, etc.
  • Live Streaming – See all broadcast, broadcast, viewer, view, earnings, comment, status, etc. info.
  • Gift: see all the information about the type of gift, credits, name, etc.
  • Add Gift – Add a new gift to your system, it will be immediately added to your app
  • Report – Check and resolve reports and see all the information.


How to free download:
Note: you can download by clicking below button, If you’re facing trouble to download “Datoo”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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