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Class – XenForo 2 Style

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Class – XenForo 2 Style

Class – A classic setback of XenForo 1, It has been rebuilt to work with XenForo 2. It offers an educational feel with dark and textured backgrounds. Make the content stand out from the structured color scheme in gray tones.

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  • Add attractive animations as pages load on your site. The various animations can be enabled and disabled.
  • Group the pages in the header to facilitate user navigation.
  • Set where you want an image to have parallax and controls to add an ordered effect to your site.
  • Let the images fade automatically to highlight several images in your forum.
  • Choose where the visitor tabs for mobile devices go. You can move them to the navigation or to a tab bar at the bottom.
  • Add a welcome section for your forum visitors to make your forum attractive and provide a simple way to register.
  • Customize the design and content of your footer.
  • Add social media icons that link to your social media pages that can be moved to the footer or to the logo block.
  • Choose a modal window, a drop-down menu or a sliding login style.
  • Easily customize your forum by placing a content container around the main content, the main content and the sidebar, or no container.
  • Full support of adhesive components including the sidebar, category strip headings, staff bar and more!
  • Contract nodes, sidebar, postbit, signatures and additional information under avatars.
  • Optionally enable dynamic avatars based on the Material Design color system.
  • Choose from 3 types of page style: fixed, wrapped and covered.
  • Move the sidebar to the right or left and align your navigation content to the right or left.
  • Move the sidebar to canvas for mobile devices for better accessibility.
  • Set your search to be a drop-down style or a minimal search.
  • Add headers above normal threads and, optionally, allow users to collapse sticky threads.
  • Change the size of the postbit avatar to what best suits your forum.


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