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ChatBot for WordPress 10.3.0 – WordPress Plugin

Download ChatBot for WordPress Latest Version Free


ChatBot for WordPress 10.3.0 – WordPress Plugin

Download ChatBot for WordPress 10.3.0 – WPBot can talk fluidly with its users on the website and FB messenger, thanks to its ability to integrate with Google DialogFlow (AI and NLP). You can search for websites, send and collect emails, user comments, and phone numbers. You can create personalized intentions from DialogFlow with rich messages and card responses! Use retargeting on the site to improve your conversion rate by displaying special offers and coupons in Exit Attempt, Time Interval or Page Scroll and much more.

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More potential customers, conversions and satisfied customers! WPBot is the first and only integrated WordPress, Plug and Play ChatBot that can improve user participation, provide support, answer questions and increase conversions! WPBot is the next-generation ChatBot plugin for WordPress with some very useful and ready-to-use tools. The conversational user experience is the future of technology. Enter WPBot: a new form of user interaction that allows your WordPress website to connect with your users on a personal level while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world.

WPBot ChatBot highlights


  • Create simple text responses easily from your WordPress backend.
  • Advanced search algorithm for matching natural language phrases with user input.
  • Adjust phrase matching precision as needed
  • Advanced and quick on-site search of your pages and posts to answer user questions
  • Create a frequently asked questions area with multiple questions and answers (supports html)
  • Send email, call me back and collect feedback
  • Collect customer feedback by email option.
  • Collect email from user for newsletter subscription
  • Automatically supports YouTube images (jpgs, animated gifs) and ChatBot language setting responses
  • Just paste any image (jpg or gif) or full link from youtube video
  • Add images from your WordPress media library or animated Giphy gif images quickly and easily from the ChatBot language center with floating image options
  • Add video in the support area by simply pasting the Youtube link
  • Option to disable persistent chat history on all pages
  • Option to skip greeting and name and email
  • Option to skip the greeting only for registered users.
  • Skip greetings and trigger an intention (like a custom form)
  • Skip Greetings and Show Start Menu
  • Show start menu after greetings
  • Option to enable / disable email address request after asking for name
  • Enable the phone number request
  • Quick access to ChatBot support areas
  • Quick help for commands that can be used in chat
  • Manage customizable chat commands


  • Full integration with Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or AI Engine DialogFlow
  • Natural language processing through Google DialogFlow
  • Automatically supports custom responses and intentions you create in the dialog flow
  • Automatically supports follow-up attempts and step-by-step question responses through Dialogflow custom attempts
  • Automatically supports rich message reply and Dialogflow card reply as FaceBook messaging app
  • Automatically supports DialogFlow Intent Responses Youtube images (jpgs, animated gifs) and YouTube videos
  • Advanced name recognition with DialogFlow
  • Sample DialogFlow Agent for Quick Import

Customization options

  • Fine-tune the position of the WPBot icon by pixels or percentages
  • Option to choose which pages to load WPBot on
  • Option to disable WPBot on mobile devices
  • Option to automatically open the Chatbot window to load the page for the first time
  • Load the custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload custom agent icon
  • Choose from 6 design templates for the ChatBot interface
  • Customize primary colors to match your site
  • Upload your own background image
  • Enable / disable animations
  • Upload a custom upload image for the bot’s response
  • Keyboard shortcut (ctrl + b) to open chatbot
  • Customize bot response time
  • Option to keep ChatBot window open when browsing
  • Hide / Show icons at the bottom of the ChatBot window
  • Option to enable Reset and Close button on top

User conversions and retargeting

  • Reorientation and remarketing on site to increase customer conversion rate.
  • Show redirect messages to the client on Intent to exit, after scrolling down “X” percent, or after “X” seconds.
  • Enable reorientation on all pages, only on selected pages or on smart pages
  • Create different redirect messages for different pages
  • Collect email from user for newsletter subscription
  • Request the user to subscribe email with a retargeting message
  • Export email addresses as CSV
  • Enable / disable redirect message sound
  • Out of focus The browser tab flashes with a custom message to redirect messages
  • Custom background color to redirect messages.
  • Connect redirect messages with any custom intent created in DialogFlow
  • Collect customer feedback by email option.


How to free download:

Note:  you can download by clicking below button,  If you’re facing trouble to download “ChatBot for WordPress”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.

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