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Batchpatch v2019.03.20.16 Keygen


Batchpatch v2019.03.20.16 Keygen

Batchpatch v2019.03.20.16 allows you to install updates for Windows, as well as software patches on many remote computers at the same time, and then initiate a remote restart and real-time status monitoring.

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Batchpatch Keygen
Batchpatch Keygen

You no longer need to log in to each computer to start installing the update. You no longer need to manually restart each machine and run many windows to monitor the restart process. Finally, an application that allows you to download a list of computers and then start installing Windows updates and the restart process on all of them simultaneously. Now you can relax and see how your computers are updated.


  • Start downloading and / or installing Windows updates on MANY remote computers simultaneously from a single console. Computers can be independent, in a workgroup or members of a domain. Watch this written tutorial or watch this video tutorial for more details.
  • Choose to install all available updates or simply install specific updates, by name. Additional filters are also available, which allow you to select updates by their classification groups: Critical updates, Security Updates, Definition Updates, Updates, Cumulative update packages, Service packages, Function packages, Drivers and Tools. Or imitate the Microsoft Windows update and choose to install only important and / or recommended updates.
  • Use your own managed WSUS server, or use BatchPatch together with Windows Update or Microsoft Update as an effective WSUS alternative.
  • Turn into a central distribution point for Windows updates using the “Cached Mode”.
    Apply Windows Updates security updates to computers that do NOT have access to the Internet (Windows Update offline) using “Offline Mode”.


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