Academy 4.6 Nulled – Learning Management System


Academy 4.6 Nulled – Learning Management System

Academy 4.6 is a marketplace for online learning. Here, students and teachers meet to share information through a structured course-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video lectures, and documents according to their specialization, and students can enroll in these courses and develop their talents anytime, anywhere.
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  • Quick Start Guide for Instructor / Course Director
  • Please read all the documentation provided carefully before using the software.
  • Install the application by carefully following the “Installation and update” guide.
  • Login as a site administrator to organize your system
  • First, update the system settings and payment settings from the Settings option in the left sidebar menu. Also, make sure to provide a valid YouTube API key and a valid Vimeo API key in System Settings.
  • If you have successfully updated your settings, you can navigate to the Categories option from the same menu on the left sidebar and create Categories.
  • After creating a category, you can create subcategories in a specific category. To create subcategories, you can go to the Categories page, select a specific category, click the Action drop-down menu, and select Manage Subcategories. It will take you to the Subcategories page. Now you can click the “+ Add subcategory” button and fill in all the required fields to create a subcategory.
  • Now is the time to create some courses. Since a course will contain all the tutorial videos, you need to create it carefully. Go to the Courses option from the left menu, click the “+ Add Course” button and you will get “Add Course Form”. Please fill in all fields carefully
    Each course must have at least one section. Because in the end, you will need to add a lesson in a particular section of a particular course. So now you will need to create at least one partition. Go to the Courses page, select a specific course, click the action drop-down menu, and select Manage Section. After clicking Manage Section, you will get the section list which is now empty. You have to create one by clicking the button “+ Add section”
  • Since you created a course and a section or multiple sections, you can now create a course. Now go back to the Course page, select a specific course, click the Action drop-down button, select Manage Lesson. It will also display the list of lessons you have created. To add a new one, simply click the “+ Add course” button
  • Quick start guide for course students
  • Since the application has already been installed. The student can access the website simply by clicking on the application URL.
  • The home page will appear each time a student clicks on the URL. From the home page, a student can search for a specific course, take all major courses, last ten courses, category-based courses. If not yet registered, the student can register. If the student is already registered, they can log in. The student can add courses to their shopping cart or add them to their wish lists.
  • Students can view course details by clicking on a course thumbnail. The course details page contains all the basic information about the course, such as the title, description, results, course prerequisites, course list, instructor details, and grades and reviews. The user can see an overview of a course here
  • If the student wants to buy the course, they must add these courses to their basket.
  • After adding a lesson to the shopping cart, if a student wants to view the items in their cart, they can go to the Shopping Cart page by clicking the Go to Cart button that appears when the title shopping cart icon is on.
  • The student can remove courses from the shopping cart page if she wishes.
  • On the right side of the shopping cart page is the total price of the items in the cart. Below is the Pay button. If the student wants to pay, they can click the Pay button and pay for these courses.
  • After a successful loan, the student can view her courses in the My courses menu. The student hovers over the profile picture in the header and gets the My Courses button.
  • The My Courses page will display all the courses purchased by that student. The student can replay the lessons by clicking on the thumbnail on the My Courses page.

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